Lilia K
Lilia K.

“Hectic lifestyle, night shifts overeating and lack of physical activity made me gain extra fat weight. I’ve tried many different diets without any success. With Herbalife Nutrition meal plan I’ve lost 28lbs just in 4 months and kept this weight off.”

Weight Loss: 18 LBS
Dmitry L
Dmitry L.

“My goal was muscle definition and belly fat loss. I met my Herbalife Wellness coach on September 2017 and just by following all recommendations and consistent exercises I’ve managed to lose 5% fat and to gain 11% muscle just in 90 days!
Love my energy in the mornings.”

Weight Loss: 11 LBS
Uliana F
Uliana F.

“Amazing body and great energy thanks to my new lifestyle with BliveBfit program! My husband was so impressed with my results that have decided to join my journey. We never felt slimmer and toner in our entire life!”

Weight Loss: 37 LBS
Lilia L
Lilia L.

“My transformation in 21 days was absolutely phenomenal!
I’ve lost 15lbs and dropped 30cm!!! Love the reflection in the mirror and a NEW-ME!”

Weight Loss: 15 LBS
Imelda I
Imelda I.

“Love my Herbalife Nutrition meal plan and the one-on-one follow up system. My coach was weekly measuring me and documenting the progress. That helped me stay committed, motivated and just in 7 months without exercising plan I lost 30lbs!!!
I’m so happy and grateful.”

Weight Loss: 30 LBS
Goulnara K
Goulnara K.

“Beside the fact I’ve lost 45LBS in 9 months coming to BliveBfit Fit Camp program, I’ve also gained tremendous amount of energy to deal with my daily challenges and keep up with my two gorgeous grandchildren!
Strongly recommending this program to everyone!
If I could – you can!”

Weight Loss: 45 LBS
Saliha A
Saliha A.

“Feel absolutely great losing all this weight! Started on Herbalife Nutrition meal plan when joined the BliveBfit Weight Loss Challenge program and never looked back. Love the product for making my life so comfortable and healthy. Good look comes as a bonus to a good health!”

Weight Loss: 55 LBS
Julia K
Julia K.

“During last pregnancy I’ve gained 70 LBS!
Decided to lose this extra weight to get my life back!
Joined BliveBfit Fit Camp program to keep me accountable.
Just in 12 months on Herbalife Nutrition meal plan I’ve lost 72 LBS!
I maintain this weight for 4 years and feel great!”

Weight Loss: 72 LBS